In this article, you will know about 6 university open day tips for students. I am guessing, you know all things about how to find the right university?

Do you want a sneak peek at a university where you intend to enroll? The best thing you can do is pay a visit during one of its open days. So, what do you need to remember in order to make this brief and insignificant visit worthwhile and meaningful? In this chapter, you’ll learn more about a university’s open day.

How do I find out about university open days?

Check out the university’s website for more information. They’ll definitely advertise it because they want as many people as possible to come to take a look around. Keep an eye also on websites of the universities on their list and see when they begin to enhance it.

You can also call the university and inquire about when their open days will be held, and your school’s career advisor is likely to have a list of university open days as well.

How do I attend a university open day?

If you’re lucky, your high school will organize a day trip for you, and all you have to do is sign up, pay for transportation, and hop on a bus with your friends. However, you may be interested in universities that your school does not attend, which means you must organize yourself.

Check the university’s website well ahead of time to find out when their open days are, so you have enough time to plan your travel and invite your parents if they wish.

6 University Open Day Tips

Open days – this is the time of sheer excitement when universities try to present themselves in the best light as well as outshine their competitors. However, aside from the universities, the experience during open days are useful for parents and more importantly, the students themselves.

Today, open days have become more important than the universities, with students checking out an extensive list of universities. Before they only visit 2 or 3 but these days, it has increased to 6 or 7. There are even instances when they visit one university over and over again like they are newlyweds searching for their very first home.

The open days are now more professional than ever. They have been deconstructed, with universities thinking about each point of “experience,” starting from arriving, up to parking, as well as meeting the ambassador guides, with the entire staff being fully briefed on the possible questions and the like.

University Open Day Tips

Visiting universities during open days can be very thrilling and to make the most out of this exciting experience, here are 6 university open day tips for students.

1. Never forget the postcode. This thing is very easy to do but unfortunately, many tend to forget it, thus ruining their experience during open days.

2. While your antennae might be sharper if you attend the open day all on your own, it might still be useful if there is another set of watchful eyes to observe the environment and check if it will be suitable for you or not.

3. Is the area something that you can stand? Open days are not solely about your chosen course because these things can be easily searched online. More importantly, these events are about whether or not you can live and stay in one place for several years. Try to imagine how it feels to be there when the rain is pouring heavily or when the sun is too scorching up in the sky.

4. How about the accommodation? Is it properly allocated? What will happen after your initial year? What are the best halls and which are those that are simply worth avoiding?

5. If you will use the open days for shortlisting your university choices, ask yourself if you will really be enrolling there once you get an offer. Never choose a “safety” that you will regret in the end.

6. Make sure that you get your questions ready, although many of them will not really be answered. If you will ask around and you have more chances of getting them solved when you check the university website.

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