In this article, you will know everything about 11 best tips to increase productivity, this article is very important for people who wants to increase their productivity. I had also written a article called best productivity tips for students.

Now we start with the article that has brought you here. The summer months are coming and your productivity drops by 20%. Attendance at your work from your colleagues, or yourself, falls by 19%. Projects take 13% longer to complete and you are 45% more distracted than usual.

They may arrive on Fridays and leave earlier. But 53% of workers who start the weekend early see their productivity reduced. And some may see their stress level increase, as they have had to work overtime Monday through Thursday to be able to escape to Friday.

This data that I have just shown you has been provided by a study of the Captivate network to 600 North American workers. Probably if this study were carried out in Spain or in any other similar country, it would yield very similar results. Don’t worry, because if your productivity and efficiency falters, here I am going to show you 11 best tips to increase productivity.

Top 11 Tips to Increase Productivity

It seems that it does not matter how many hours we dedicate to our work, because productivity will be reduced to varying degrees. Not to mention that the breaks you have at work for coffee or lunch will be longer or that you leave your work earlier when the day is hotter.

And it is normal. With the hot weather and the long days of summer, people tend to go out to eat, have a drink at night, projects at work decrease because a large part of the team goes on vacation, children have finished their school year, etc. Lets talk about 11 best tips to increase productivity.

Tips to Increase Productivity

1. The great enemy of your efficiency

We all start daydreaming about all the activities that, in good weather, they could be doing: being on the beach, on a boat, in the pool or wherever, except at your workplace. Therefore, with all this excitement and distractions of summer, your productivity decreases.

In addition, many times the summer months are less productive because bosses, co-workers, clients and suppliers are also enjoying their well-deserved rest. This is one of the tips to improve productivity.

2. Plan time for yourself

If the problem is thinking about what we are not enjoying yet, schedule a series of important events and activities for you. And plan your work around them. You should also learn stress management techniques.

Go to the summer movies, go to the pool with your friends or children, escape to a natural landscape on the weekend, have lunch with the family that has come to visit your city. Or if you can leave earlier one day, stay a while longer in your office the day before.

3. Remind your boss

Make sure your boss, if you have one, is aware of when you are leaving. Talk to him to arrange the work of your colleagues so that they cover you, if necessary.

It will be easier for him to walk and he will help you on your return, because your workload will be less important.

4. Change the priorities according to your needs

You will find projects that will not be able to go forward due to the lack of a partner or client. This may be a great time for you.

If there are people out there, take advantage of it to focus on projects that require strategic thinking and planning. So they will be ready for the next course, when everyone returns and stress and hustle make their appearance again. You’ll be glad you made the most of any break.

5. Be flexible

It is possible that you have one more projects pending to deliver on time. So do not miss the holidays or do not miss any key event with your family or friends. But use technology to telecommute if you really need to.

Another option is to use the help of a colleague or use the organization and planning to arrive on time without sacrificing your free vacation time.

Finally, if you see that none of this can work, it is best to postpone your plans for a later date, when you are less busy. But without giving up your vacation. Remember that summer is the best time to recharge your batteries.

6. Do not fall in the trap

If you are overworking, to your best ability, make sure you are rewarded for it. Ask your boss for a break, be diplomatic, and explain that you could do your job better by taking a break.

7. Summer is not a ticket to relax

Nobody responsible for a company or business, even if you are, is going to accept poor performance or a decrease in productivity in summer because others take vacations.

8. Work at the optimum temperature

If the temperature inside your office is too high or too low, your productivity will suffer. A study by the Helsinki University of Technology and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicated that the optimal workplace temperature should be between 21ºC and 23ºC. He also concluded that for every degree that the temperature rises above 25ºC, productivity falls by 2%. And that below 20ºC, the rate of errors that you could commit increases drastically.

Therefore, if you have control over the thermostat or can influence it, work within the temperature range that I have mentioned. Not only will your productivity not be diminished, but the arguments, caused by the temperature in your work, will disappear.

Another way to adjust your environment for higher productivity is to make sure the office is quiet enough from noise.

9. Change routine

If your work starts to get a bit stale, you can turn it around by changing your routines or the environment that gnaws at you.

Get out more during your day – eat out, take a walk outside on your breaks, etc. – and your creativity will be renewed.

Summer is a great time to take on new things and challenge yourself. Modify the order of your tasks or inject some new activity so that it stops being tedious and boring. This is one of the tips to boost productivity.

10. Recognize your best hours

Knowing that summer is a very difficult time to stay productive, focus on the most important tasks. Carefully block your time so that he is working when your mind is fresh and more focused. This is one of the best tips to increase productivity.

11. When I come back from my vacation

This is another drawback that must be taken into account to all the productive optimism that comes with a good rest on vacation. Work after vacation is hard.

It’s great to take a few days off, sorting out issues and projects. Leaving everything well tied. But when you leave, it is possible that nobody does his work while.

The worst thing is not this, but on your return your productivity may be slowed down. Thousands of unread emails, preparation of the next course, definition of new investments for next year, training, etc. As well as the weather, it gets colder. All this not only weighs on your performance, but your happiness can be affected.

The good news is that a little planning can help make your return to work less painful. Don’t pretend to arrive on the first day and wear everything. Give yourself a couple of buffer days between your return from vacation and your return to your office.

You can create the space you need to catch up on tasks and emails in a stress-free environment. In this way, your first day of return will be much more peaceful.

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