In this article, you will know everything about study hacks to ace your academics. This article is very important for students who want to ace their academic life.

A1 students have higher IQs…sure of that? The general perception is that superior IQ is responsible for their outstanding academic and college success. They have some great skill sets and habits that propel them to succeed in their academic and college life.

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Study Hacks to Ace Your Academics: 10 Hacks

Anyone can model these skills for successful college life. College life is quite different from high school, so the student must act proactively and take personal responsibility for every aspect of college life. Below we have listed 10 study hacks to ace your academics.

Study Hacks to Ace Your Academics

1. Realize the new stage in your academic journey.

College academic work requires the student to apply what knowledge and insights gained in their perspective and back them up with facts from verifiable sources. Unlike high school, where you only learn passively to reproduce the information learned from study materials, college studies require active learning.

2. Take personal responsibility for your learning. 

There are no official timetables for personal learning periods, alarms, supervisions, etc. as in high schools. In college, you need to initiate your learning based on the outlines from the instructor.

The instructor only sets the learning directions and guides you through the topics, providing recommended materials which the student is supposed to find additional academic materials from credible sources.

Discover the best approach that works for you. Using the VARK model (Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetics) decide which medium of learning is ideal for you and offers better understanding for notetaking.

3. Time management is of the essence.

Learn to manage your time very well to make every minute worthwhile. Set time for learning and other extra curriculum activities. Proper time management is key to every project in life.

Now that you are back to your studies, plan and execute your timetables appropriately to have a successful college life. This is one of the best study hacks to ace your academics.

4. Prep for lectures

Prepare mentally to receive information by getting the right space in the auditorium or a suitable environment if it’s an online session.

Focus on what is being said and look for the most stressed topics.

Listen carefully to the speaker, sort out the information properly by taking notes (check guidelines on effective notetaking) and ask questions.

5. Understand the learning cycle

Always remember that learning is a cycle and should be done several times. This is also one of the top study hacks to ace your academics.

  1. Prepare- gather your learning materials from credible sources such as the school library, course materials, scholarly journal article databases such as JSTOR, BASE, CORE, etc.
  2. Absorb new ideas- listen to works, watch, and read from varied sources to have points from different perspectives and schools of thought.
  3.  Record -note taking/memorizing points learned- Keep them simple and bulleted to easily remember-
  4. Review – Go over what you have learned and try to apply it to scenarios and case studies. This gives you practical knowledge of the topic and affirms your knowledgeability on the topic-

6. Engage in collaborative learning.

Through collaborative learning, knowledge is shared across multi-cultural levels of learning and students can have a broader knowledge of the topic from diverse perspectives.

Share ideas, give, and receive peer feedback and assess each other for a deep understanding of the course. It also fosters the beginning of a life-long relationship which could span into life after school. Get engaged with others, after all no one is an island.

7. Participate in assignments and quizzes

Take an active part in class assignments each week and make sure you stay up to date with weekly tasks. This helps you to build your grades towards successful graduation not only, but it also helps you to master the course as you progress and reduces the stress of having to learn whole terms material in the week for the final exams.

Research has found that top-performing students have usually attempted their self-quizzes more than 3 times. Many students, past and present can testify to its effectiveness.

8. Get interactive with your course instructor

Instructors are there for us as students to guide and nurture us through the learning process. Don’t get worked up with challenges all by yourself. Seek help from them concerning academic work and any challenges in the course.

Also, make good use of your academic advisors as they can help you out through your journey on campus. Yes, it can be very difficult to settle in on campus and everyone needs help so you can maintain your psychological health.

9. Socializing for sound psychological health in college

Learn to socialize with other students on campus or online campus community. You can also take up some hobbies or learn some new skills to enhance your depth of knowledge.

Meeting new people helps us develop a community of people we can share experiences, learn new skills from other cultures, discover new interests, etc. 

There is an overall positive psychological impact on socializing on campus. Quality psychological health is very paramount to sound academic time on campus. It even goes beyond campus life into life after college.

With this said, a student must tread cautiously not to engage in negative social clubs and acquaintances. Engage in social activities aside the academic schedules and engagements.

10. Personal finances in college

For most, personal finance management is a bit of a problem. Having to worry about finances whiles in college can be a great disincentive to quality studies. Be prepared for the cost implications of your studies whether on campus or online education and access well your funding sources. 

Get some side gigs such as part-time jobs, sell your skills, etc. to increase your sources of income. Fortunately, most of these opportunities exist online which can be juggled with studies.

Various campuses offer few job opportunities for students to make some income whilst studying. Check out to see which opportunity suits your skills and can be accommodated into your studies without it affecting your academic performance.

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As you have income coming in, you will also need to learn to draw your budget and live within those budgets. Keep debts off your back, don’t spend money you haven’t earned. Strict financial discipline will be needed to have a sound financial life whilst studying.

It will be a great skill to master as you move into the real world. Lack of financial management has seen many middle-income earners across the world live from pay-cheque to pay-cheque. The earlier you master the act, the better.

With these hacks, just get yourself off the butterflies in your stomach and step out to achieve that goal of mastering the program. Keep your eyes on the goal and remember to take it one step at a time. Have fun.

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