In this article, you will know about 5 reasons to study in Finland. After reading this article, you will know why you should consider doing your bachelor’s or master’s degree in Finland.

At a glance, 5 Reasons to Study in Finland

  1. High Quality Education
  2. Relaxed and Independent Studying Culture
  3. Awesome Student Culture
  4. High Demand for university-educated Talent
  5. Students Enjoy a Huge Amount of Great Benefits
Reasons to Study in Finland

5 Reasons to Study in Finland

1. High Quality Education

So the first reason why you should come to study in Finland is because of the high level of education and the great schools that we have in the country. So Finland has been ranked year after year as one of the best countries globally in terms of our education system.

And the World Economic Forum ranks the quality of higher education in Finland as third-best in the entire world. Not only Finland’s universities fare well in international rankings, but Finland also ranks extremely high in terms of innovation and the quality and quantity of research and development.

High quality education

The Finnish higher education system offers more than 400 English toward bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 13 different universities and 22 universities of applied sciences. These calls already house more than 20000 international students across different campuses around Finland.

If you are a citizen of a European Union or European economic area country, you can receive both your bachelor’s and your master’s degrees free of charge, meaning that you don’t have to pay any tuition fees for your education.

However, if you are not a citizen of the EU or EEA country, don’t worry. There are great scholarship options available for every single university in Finland. This is one of the reasons to study in finland. Moving on.

2. Relaxed and Independent Studying Culture

The second reason for you to study in Finland is because of the relaxed and independent studying culture. So university studies in Finland are deemed overall more relaxed compared to many other countries where students have to sit in the library 24/7 to be in the best percentile of students just to do well in their careers.

So while, yes, there is, of course, competitiveness in Finnish universities and doing well in school will reflect positively on your career, doing well in your career is not only dependent on your GPA or the courses that your take.

Actually, it is pretty commonly accepted that sitting in the library 24/7 trying to perfect your GPA without really doing anything else with your life will actually hurt you in the long term because of the emphasis that we put on practical skills and personal networks.

When it comes to job hunting in Finland, this means that you are not only encouraged but also expected to have fun, take part in different student activities, volunteer in student organizations, and simply enjoy the Finnish student culture again. While you should try to generally do well in school, it should not mean that you have to sacrifice your free time and university experience just to get a good GPA.

The relaxed studying culture in Finland is also reflected by the concept of academic freedom. Academic freedom means that no one is going to be breathing down your neck, making sure that you pass your courses and do things in a certain way.

Relaxed studying

On the contrary, students in Finland have almost full autonomy in their studies, starting from planning the structure of their degree all the way to when and how to execute their personal study plans.

This also means that students are very independent, and while no one will be watching over your shoulder, it also means that no one is going to be holding your hand either. Rather, you are fully responsible for your own studies and success.

And this can mean that if you come from a culture where students are not necessarily used to working that independently, I would definitely start practicing because if not, you will be in for a rude awakening when you come to Finland.

The funny thing is that even though our university experience in Finland is more relaxed and people have more time, for example, to party and volunteer in student organizations, this does not reflect negatively on the skills of our university graduates. The World Economic Forum ranks the skill sets of Finnish university graduates as third-best in the entire world.

So it seems that not only is studying in Finland a bit more relaxed but at the same time, Finnish universities produce some of the highest skilled professionals in the entire world. This is one of the reasons to study in finland.

3. Awesome Student Culture

So the next reason for you to study in Finland is because of the awesome student culture. So university students in Finland love to take everything out of their university experience. And this means taking part in different celebrations, parties, career events, and other fun activities that the local student communities organize around the year.

Talking about students communities, the finished student culture, basically revolves around different student unions, associations, and other types of organizations that organize the majority of all student activities in Finland, unlike in many, for example, central European countries, it is super popular to volunteer in some of these organizations.

Volunteering in a student organization can mean anything from setting up a few dinner parties to organizing huge multisport events to even working at the world’s leading startup event called slush.

So while this might sound like work and to be honest, some of it actually is volunteering in student organizations is mostly just a really cool way of hanging out with other awesome students while working on some fun and cool projects.

Besides, volunteering can be a great way for you to grow your CV, especially if you don’t yet have a lot of prior work experience. Not only do Finnish employers appreciate this kind of volunteer experience, but you can actually gather some really good real-life skills and work experience that you would not be able to get otherwise.

Also, important parts of the Finnish student culture are, of course, the student overalls and the white graduation caps that you can see university students wear around Finland. It is actually pretty normal to see students walk around the city streets wearing their overalls because these are what we wear to most student parties.

This comes especially apparent during late spring when students around Finland start to celebrate the start of the summer and the over month-long first of May celebrations. So before we continue to the next section of this video, let me stop for just a second to thank the course for their continuous support with the channel.

So or the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region is a non-profit foundation that rents, builds, and maintains housing for students in the Helsinki metropolitan area. I’ve been living in their apartments throughout my studies and I really recommend that you apply for one of their almost ten thousand apartments in the Helsinki region.

4. High Demand for university-educated Talent

So the next reason to study in Finland is the high demand for university-educated talent in the country. Companies in Finland are constantly looking for new employees, and many of the best employers in the country are actively trying to find new and potential talent directly from the universities. Many of these companies do this by participating in different events, sponsoring student organizations, and collaborating with the schools on course and fezzes projects.

Because there is such high competition on the best future talent companies want to be visible in your day to day life as a student as early as possible, even if you aren’t necessarily able to apply for their jobs in the first years.

However, the further you get in your studies, the more corporate collaborations you will come by and the more job opportunities will be presented to you by the different companies, especially in fields like computer sciences or finance.

Competition over the best talent is super fierce, and companies are working hard to building their own employer brands to attract the best potential employees now and in the future.

As mentioned, many companies work together with student organizations, and they actually pay really good money to different guilds and subject clubs to participate in their career events throughout once university career.

So in addition to the career opportunities that you can get through the university itself, the demand for university graduates can also be seen by the growth of different recruitment companies. And the entire market was growing super fast before 2020 on the covid crisis hits and the market crashed completely anyways.

This is just one more indicator for the huge demand that exists for highly educated talent. Of course, as a caveat. And these Pillemer here, even though there is a high demand for highly educated talent in Finland, finding a job in Finland, especially as a student and even as a recent graduate, is still not easy. I’ve heard many international people talk about how difficult it is to find a job in Finland. This is one of the reasons to study in finland.

5. Students Enjoy a Huge Amount of Great Benefits

So the next reason for you to do a degree in Finland is that students here enjoy a huge amount of great benefits. That makes life as a student not only awesome, but also more affordable, not only to students in Finland, have access to affordable student apartment like through us, but we are also privy to other great benefits and discounts courtesy both of the Finnish government and private businesses.


Just a few examples include discounted student meals, public transportation, airline tickets, mobile phone services, utilities, insurances, etc. So using these discounts can save you a lot of money in the long term. And many people in Finland would actually like to stay in school just to be able to utilize these benefits as long as possible.

There’s actually quite a lot to this topic that I cannot go through in this article. So to use the student discount, you have to be registered as an attending student and you have to also have an active student card. So you’re able to get a student card once you have been admitted to study in Finland. This is one of the reasons to study in finland.

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