In this article, you will know everything about low cost private university in Bangladesh. This article is very important for students who wants to do higher education in Bangladesh.

Private universities can be very good when it comes to education, as private universities like MIT have demonstrated. Many more of them have been inspired by this to improve and advance. Private universities in Bangladesh have invested in their own marketing, so they haven’t been left out.

Low Cost Private University in Bangladesh

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Low Cost Private University in Bangladesh

Are you looking for Undergraduate tuition at a Private University in Bangladesh? You are indeed in the proper location. Today I’ll discuss the undergraduate tuition fees at private universities in Bangladesh. Simply stick around with us to learn the truth.

Here are Bangladeshi top 12 low cost private university in Bangladesh for a bachelor’s degree collected from you.

RankGlobal RankInstitutionCountrySectorBest Country Quartile
1638Southeast University, DhakaBGDUniversities1
2720BRAC UniversityBGDUniversities1
3729The University of Asia PacificBGDUniversities3
4735International University of Business, Agriculture and TechnologyBGDUniversities2
5736North South UniversityBGDUniversities1
6743East West UniversityBGDUniversities3
7746Independent University, BangladeshBGDUniversities2
8752Ahsanullah University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversities3
9753Daffodil International UniversityBGDUniversities2
10758United International UniversityBGDUniversities3
11771International Islamic University ChittagongBGDUniversities3
12779American International University, BangladeshBGDUniversities3


Bangladesh is becoming more and more the envy of its surrounding nations due to the improving level of education provided at these affordable universities.

Additionally, it is quickly becoming as a popular choice for overseas students who need to attend a top-notch university but are on a restricted budget.

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