In this article, you will know everything about low cost MBA in Bangladesh. This article is very important for students who wants to do MBA in Bangladesh.

The majority of these MBA programs are designed to meet the immediate requirement for stable employment, and some of them are recognized internationally. You may be confident that these MBA programs will make you employable if you wish to work in Bangladesh’s expanding business sector.Bangladesh

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Low Cost MBA in Bangladesh

The MBA has emerged as the most sought-after degree globally. An MBA will guarantee you a desired position in the Bangladeshi job market. Bangladesh’s economy is booming, and business expansion is quick. Bangladesh offers a ton of opportunities for business graduates.

Low Cost MBA in Bangladesh

Private universities have a wide range in educational quality. The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is frequently rated as the top location in Bangladesh for MBA programs.

However, many private colleges offer a nearly identical curriculum to IBA and, as a result, typically offer a similar rate of employability. Here are top 34 low cost MBA in Bangladesh for a law degree.

RankGlobal RankInstitutionCountrySectorBest Country Quartile
1638Southeast University, DhakaBGDUniversities1
2658Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural UniversityBGDUniversities1
3674Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical UniversityBGDUniversities1
4676University of DhakaBGDUniversities1
5680Jahangirnagar UniversityBGDUniversities1
6688Bangladesh Agricultural UniversityBGDUniversities1
7690Sylhet Agricultural UniversityBGDUniversities1
8694Mawlana Bhashani University of Science and Technology, TangailBGDUniversities1
9696University of ChittagongBGDUniversities1
10706Noakhali Science and Technology UniversityBGDUniversities2
11708Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversities1
12712Rajshahi UniversityBGDUniversities1
13719Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural UniversityBGDUniversities1
14720BRAC UniversityBGDUniversities1
15724Khulna UniversityBGDUniversities2
16725Patuakhali University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversities2
17726Shahjalal University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversities1
18727Jagannath UniversityBGDUniversities2
19729The University of Asia PacificBGDUniversities3
20733Chittagong University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversities2
21735International University of Business, Agriculture and TechnologyBGDUniversities2
22736North South UniversityBGDUniversities1
23737Dhaka University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversities1
24743Khulna University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversities1
24743East West UniversityBGDUniversities3
25745Rajshahi University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversities2
26746Independent University, BangladeshBGDUniversities2
27748Military Institute of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversities2
28749Hajee Mohammad Danesh University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversities3
29752Ahsanullah University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversities3
30753Daffodil International UniversityBGDUniversities2
31755Islamic University of TechnologyBGDUniversities2
32758United International UniversityBGDUniversities3
33771International Islamic University ChittagongBGDUniversities3
34779American International University, BangladeshBGDUniversities3


But the need for business graduates in the workforce has forced many engineering students and students in other specialized fields to enroll in MBA programs in order to land excellent jobs.

So, virtually all of Bangladesh’s universities offer one of the thousands of MBA programs that are offered there. Good MBA programs are being chosen by recent business graduates, working professionals, people from other professions, non-business graduates, etc.

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