In this article, you will know everything about how to write MBA statement of purpose, this article is very important for students who want to do MBA.

Writing an MBA statement of purpose is common to universities and it is required to students because they need to show what they have and what motivates them in applying or choosing the program. It is requirement for students to show their desire in the program.

How to Write MBA Statement of Purpose
  1. Keep a notebook: If you know that you will apply for an MBA program, you need to keep a notebook. You need to jot down anything that is interesting. You can write about anything such as travel experience, performance review, inspiring lecture and much more.
  2. Brag sheet: Write everything about you and what you want to appear in your essay, whether it is about extracurricular activities, languages you know, traditions and others.
  3. What matters to you: Even though there are many things you want to include in the essay, you need to include the things that matter to you. In here, it is hard to decide, but you need to do your best and take your time.
  4. Mapping out general topics: Before you start writing your admission essay, you need to map out all general MBA essay topics that you want to cover in your essay. This will help you to avoid repetition and to make sure you tell all stories that you want.
  5. Make a plan supporting your style: Everyone is working in different ways that is why it is better if you create a plan supporting your style. Some students find the application hard, especially they need to brainstorm, draft, edit and refine. In this process, be sure that you have enough time. Tackle one application and don’t leave your work.

How to Write MBA Statement of Purpose: 5 Tips

  1. Creativity: You need to do something that is different from others. You need to read the essay of others online and make comparison. If you think that it is the same with the hundreds of applicants, it is better if you change it. Do not be a rush in writing because you need to take your time before you submit the essay.
  2. Invest little tile in crafting the essay: If you want to write an engaging essay, you should spend a lot of time to make sure you get what you want. You should be a focus in writing and make sure that you are not distracted whenever you are writing.
  3. Forget balancing act: There are committees that are looking for leadership qualities that are why you need to forget how to write and what to write because as long as you have a guide, you will know what to do.
  4. Not telling your story: One of the mistakes in writing an MBA essay is they narrate their own story. This is wrong because what you need to do is to give an interesting story that will satisfy and impress them.
  5. Do not dwell on shortcomings: There are applicants that tell about their shortcomings and you should avoid doing it.


Statement of purpose for MBA is difficult to write, but if you know what to do you will not worry. Submit the best essay today and get the spot you want. Many universities will always want to know why you applied to their program and what you hope to achieve with your degree.

If you do not know where to start from, you can always check up with a professional MBA statement of purpose sample. If this article, helps you to know about how to write MBA statement of purpose, then share this article on any social media.

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