In this article, you will know everything about how to wake up early and not feel tired, this article is very important for students who want to wake up early and not feel tired.

I don’t know if you know that I’ve always been more than getting up early. In fact, now that I think about it, I only remember one occasion when I woke up later than 11 in the morning. It may sound weird but I’ve never liked wasting the morning in bed, even if it meant less sleep time.

It’s not that I set an alarm to get up at a certain time when I’m up late. Not at all. My body is trained and very disciplined in that regard. My mind and body are aware that it is not for me to stay in bed until late.

Honestly, this post was not defined in my editorial calendar. But the last ten days have made me wonder that maybe it might be of interest. If I want to get to everything, getting up early is a good option. Sleep is very important to achieve educational goals.

How to Wake up Early and Not Feel Tired

What is the reason for talking to you right now about how to wake up early and not feel tired? (As you may have read in the title) The answer is simple: heat.

If you do not know, I will tell you that in my city we are suffering some very hot days, reaching over 40ºC. The bad thing is not that figure but that we are already at about 30ºC before 10 in the morning.

Personally, it is very difficult for me to work at those temperatures, I break down. My office looks like a small oven and the use of the pc does not help to lower the temperature.

You can tell me that there are air conditioners. Indeed, it is one of the best inventions of the century, but my throat does not tolerate them excessively. And the fans only put more heat into the environment.

How to Wake up Early and Not Feel Tired: 10 Tips

The solution is much simpler. And even cheaper, because it does not depend on a device that consumes electrical energy. I’m talking about how to wake up early and not feel tired.

I always got up early. Even as a child, I would get up early to study. My mind was clearer at 6 in the morning than at 8 in the afternoon. It is also true that he was not always on his feet at that time. Simply because he had no need.

1. Get rid of all the misconceptions you have about getting up early.

Let go of wrong thinking about how bad mornings are. Stop growling every time your alarm goes off. And erase from your life phrases like: “I hate mornings” or “I can’t stand getting up so early.”

Clear your head of all these beliefs. The only way to be successful is to be open-minded and free from all negativity.

2. Start your imagination and think about your ideal tomorrow.

Once the negativity is discarded, the second of the strategies to get up early that I propose is to blow up your fantasy. Imagine yourself as that early riser person you want to become.

What would your mornings consist of? What is the delicious breakfast you want to enjoy when you wake up? What type of exercise would you do?

Think of the context in which you would find it. All of this will serve as the basis for making it your morning routine. Plus, you can take a few days to make the environment you want to wake up to come true.

3. Stop pushing yourself in the morning.

In the vast majority of occasions we wake up with stress through the roof. This is due to the overwhelming day ahead.

Follow schedules, meet objectives, deliver projects on time, etc. Losing the feeling of freedom that we had when we were little, when we did not have so many responsibilities and did not care much about the time we had to get things done.

Stop and think about what you would like to do in the morning and make it part of your routine. You will start the day more motivated and even wanting to get up early.

On the other hand, this will make you feel more equipped to handle stress and daily challenges.

4. State your main reason.

You have to be able to identify why you want to get up early. If you don’t know what the reason is, getting up early will continue to bother you like anyone else.

One of the ways that they can help you is to spend a couple of minutes, before going to sleep the night before, thinking about the tasks that you are going to do the next day.

5. Get excited every morning.

Instead of thinking about the obligations or activities that you are going to have that day, remember all the exciting things that you know you will experience.

When you change your way of seeing the future of the day, you will wake up earlier with more enthusiasm. Wishing that all the good that awaits you happens as soon as possible.

6. Get motivated.

Once the previous points have been mastered, this comes in a row. You know perfectly why you get up early, what awaits you when you get up and you are excited by what is going to arise in the day. All of this just injects you with an incredibly powerful motivational kick. You just need to take advantage of it. Check out this article on best motivation tips for students.

7. Identify what prevents you from getting up early.

Maybe it’s because you fear waking up your partner. Or because you have great facility to go back to sleep once the alarm has sounded. Or because you delay your mobile alarm almost automatically.

Notice what actions make you stay in bed and go back to sleep, and then interrupt this pattern.

8. Time to go to bed.

One of the reasons people don’t get up early or hate getting up early is because they find it difficult to fall asleep. Also stress management techniques are important for you.

It is important to get plenty of rest and sleep the necessary hours to be able to get up early more easily. When you wake up you will be more rested and with a higher level of energy to take on the day with strength from the first hour.

9. The importance of positive thoughts.

It may seem silly, but a few years ago a great friend told me about it. From 8 in the afternoon (if possible, of course) you have to stop having problems and worries.

And along with thinking of “nice things” as I say, it helps me relax to fall asleep earlier. The positive thoughts change brain waves to induce sleep faster. I’m not saying it, there are scientific studies that have proven it. They really have some reason, it is very difficult to sleep if we are in a state of stress or anxiety.

10. Eliminate any excuses.

Especially when it comes to changing a habit, you will have more difficult days than others. And some of them will find excuses and reasons to go back to sleep.

Stop making excuses and do everything you can to make your mornings easier: program your coffee maker so that when you wake up you have your coffee made; if you are cold in the morning, leave your robe next to the bed; prepare your clothes the day before so as not to think what you are going to wear.

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