In this article, you will know everything about how to stop using phone at night, this article is very important for students who want to stop using phone at night.

How to stop using phone at night? let’s get to the point, to stop using phone at night remember to turn off notifications, removing your phone from your bedside table, and even switching to grayscale.

Bad habits interrupt your life, prevent you from achieving your educational goals and can even put your health at risk. They are also a waste of time and energy. So why do we do them?

How to Stop Using Phone at Night

To break a bad habit, the first thing to do is take responsibility. We all have bad habits that we wish we didn’t have but feel pessimistic about the change that getting rid of them will bring. Using phone at night is not good for the health of a student.

Breaking bad habits takes time and effort, but above all perseverance. For this I am going to propose a series of steps to help you in this arduous task.

How to Stop Using Phone at Night: 12 Tips

The vast majority of bad habits are caused by two things: stress and boredom. Bad habits emerge as a way to deal with these two states. But it shouldn’t be that way, as there are healthier ways to fight them.

The problem is that usually associated with boredom and stress there are more serious problems in the background. Problems that you may not have been able to recognize but that are there. Check out this article on how to stop using phone at night.

1. Wanting to kill him

The reality is that there are many people who are very comfortable with their bad habits and want them to stay with them.

So the first thing you have to do before anything else is to do a deep reflection and ask yourself if you really want to give it up. Once you have it clear, we go to the next step.

2. Know why you want to kick your bad habit

Here it is best to make a list, no matter how long it may be, where you list one by one the reasons why you want to break your bad habit. Investigate your mind to find answers. Make connections about the good you’re missing out on by doing this habit.

If you want to learn a language, imagine yourself reading the menu of a restaurant in the country you want to visit when you are comfortable. If you want to lose weight, imagine how well those pants you have on file at your favorite store will fit you.

3. Identify the times it occurs

Grab a notebook and write down every time you fall back on that habit. Also write down the day, the hour and the situation in which you started using phone at night. And above all, pay attention to the trigger of your bad habit. You get entangled in the internet or with your mobile phone.

4. Recognize the causes

All habits have a function. You shower to be clean and smell good, you eat breakfast every day because that way you satisfy your hunger, etc. And there is no difference with bad habits, which also have their reason.

If you want to break a bad habit you have to perfectly identify the role they play and face it. Once you have completed the previous step, discovering the causes of your bad habit will be much easier.

An example can be that of those people who need to have a few drinks to socialize better with others, or what they eat anxiously when they are stressed.

5. Write it down

It seems that promises made on paper increase our commitment to them. There are even scientists who say that having your goals written down and having them on hand when you need them helps keep you on track.

Therefore, write down your promise of change and read it when you need it most. It costs you nothing, it has no negative effects and it can be of great help to you.

6. Take action

This is what is usually more complicated, but here you can opt for two alternatives. The first one is to go for all. In this case, you must:

  • Stop putting yourself in the situation that triggers that bad habit. If your trigger is boredom, try to keep your mind and hands busy.
  • Turn off your electronic devices if you find them distracting you during your workday.
  • If the one triggering your behavior is a person, talk to them. That person may change his attitude.

If you tend to smoke around your friend because he does too, tell him you’re trying to quit. I probably won’t do it again in front of you.

The other alternative is to give up , feel like a failure, and be worse off than before. For this I advise you to start with small steps towards your goal.

7. Look for alternatives

This step is nothing more than trying to replace your bad habit with a healthier one. Try to be creative with your substitutions because you never know what might work for you until you try it.

Pick a surrogate and have a plan in advance for how you’re going to respond when confronted with what’s causing your bad habit. Using phone at night is also harmful for productivity.

If you need smoke, have a candy. If you feel like going to Facebook when you’re working, make a note with the reward you’ll give yourself if you don’t. When you feel like eating a good sweet at odd hours, replace it with a piece of fruit.

8. Find the best alternatives

Find the best alternatives that fulfill the same reward that gives you that bad habit.

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Then there is the option that many comment on putting a rubber band on your wrist and giving it a tug when you are thinking or doing the habit you want to break. Associating that bad action with discomfort can be a good idea.

I would not put it into practice until I had tried to overcome it through other less painful methods. But I’ll leave it for last.

9. Do not go alone on the road

There are many programs and support groups. Being accountable to others is a powerful incentive to keep going.

If you give and receive support, you will have all your focus and attention on your goal.

A good option is to hang out with a friend or close person who wants to overcome that same bad habit and walk the path that will lead you towards your goals together.

10. Tell your surroundings

Human beings are social by nature and we also care a lot (although some say they don’t) what others think of us. Especially if they are our loved ones. If you make a promise to someone else, chances are you want to keep it.

11. Weave an emergency plan

Because bad habits are very difficult to overcome, you may find yourself with a setback.

The key is that they do not become setbacks, but just a stumble. So if it happens to you, get up and move on. But above all, don’t give up. Instead of beating yourself up for failing, make a good plan for when you fail.

12. Reward yourself

Using phone at night is not good for a productive student. One of the ways to congratulate yourself for a good job done is by rewarding yourself with a gift.

Start with small details after small victories and think of something bigger when you finally get it and are above that bad habit that haunted you. The reward is something simple and feasible that will help you make great progress.

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