In this article, you will know everything about how to stop getting distracted by YouTube while studying, this article is very important for students who wants to study effectively and efficiently.

How to stop getting distracted by YouTube while studying? let’s get to the point, to stop getting distracted by YouTube while studying, you should control your smartphone consumption, replace your time on YouTube with other activities and create a YouTube schedule.

What reasons can be behind this bad habit? Is there something deeper, like fear or some limiting belief, that makes you hold on to it?

How to Stop Getting Distracted by YouTube While Studying: 10 Tips

One of the keys to overcoming and breaking a bad habit is to recognize what causes it. And, although it is something that I will talk about later in this post, accept that bad habits are not usually eliminated, but rather replaced.

All the habits you currently have, good or bad, are there for a reason. All these behaviors bring you a benefit, even if you did not realize it. There are many ways to stop getting distracted by social media while studying.

How to Stop Getting Distracted by YouTube While Studying

The benefit can be biological or emotional (see smoking or being with a toxic person), but in the end they are just a way to cope with stress. Because of this benefit, it is very difficult to eliminate them at the root. Instead it becomes necessary to replace a bad habit with another that provides a similar benefit.

“How to Stop Getting Distracted by YouTube While Studying?”

This is a common justification given by teachers for homework not being completed. Students must be in an environment where they can focus on their studies in order to end the homework struggle and achieve successful learning.

1. Control your smartphone consumption

Researchers concur that establishing and adhering to device regulations can aid in the development of healthy connections with smartphones. Whether at work or at play, you will be more focused on your life.

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Take a moment every time you’re about to unlock your phone to consider why you’re doing it now. Do you have a specific task in mind, such as scanning a document or contacting your boss? After that, do the task and put your phone aside.

2. Replace your time on YouTube with other activities

According to many studies, the average person spends hours upon hours each day looking through YouTube. You may be unaware of how much time you spend on YouTube and other social media platforms.

If you spend so much time on YouTube, you might be sitting in one spot for the most of your day. Get outside, even if it’s just in your own backyard, to get your body moving and your mind refreshed.

3. Create a YouTube schedule

It is indeed crucial to be realistic with this plan based on your YouTube habits, or else it won’t work. Setting up a good plan will gain greater control over your time and encourage you to be more productive at work instead of delaying.

4. Stop putting it off

To make the task more bearable, I am going to give you a series of tips that will surely be of luxury to you. Don’t be one of those who thinks they’ll be in a better position to kick a bad habit later than today.

5. Visualize yourself

Imagine the improved version of yourself, free from the habit that weakens you. Also imagine the pain of a relapse. What would be the repercussions? Would you disappoint someone?

6. Ask for help

Share your plans with others so that you are responsible. Let them know that you are committed and build a network of people who will help you when difficult times come your way.

7. Don’t be a perfectionist

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you hit a bump in the road. Work with your mind set on your goal and that no mistake prevents your progress. Nobody is perfect.

8. Set reminder

So that the habit you want to break does not fall into oblivion and since habits are part of our routine, and we do them without realizing it, hang notes all over your house or work. May they be the best tool to remind you what not to do. This is one of the best tips on how to stop getting distracted by YouTube while studying.

9. Be positive

You can change, you are worthy of the change you long for. You are amazing. Use motivational phrases or say what you need to hear to stay on track. You are strong and you are full of energy to overcome what you set out to do. Words are powerful.

10. Give yourself time

Conventional wisdom states that it takes about 28 days to break a habit like stop using phone at night. Unfortunately, this premise is not always fulfilled. We make habits automatically and breaking them is not an easy task. So be patient because with work and effort, you will get it sooner or later.

In short, habits cover certain needs in your life. For this reason, the best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a healthier behavior that satisfies that need.

Breaking a bad habit takes time and a lot of effort. Most who do try it more than once and fail before it works. Don’t let any of this stop you from achieving success.

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