In this article, you will know everything about 8 tips for getting back to work after vacation, this article is very helpful for every new job holder. Surviving the first day of work after the holidays can be a full-blown odyssey. It can even become the worst time of the year.

And I tell you that I have experience. Tears fell on me the night before this hated moment. Ok, it’s also true that I didn’t like my job. It’s probably not so dramatic for you.

Not because of the fact of returning and having to say goodbye to the wonderful holidays in an idyllic landscape. Or just those days when only one worries about doing nothing. The really hard thing for me was finishing the first day of work after a season of rest and relaxation without wishing I hadn’t gone anywhere.

I do not know if it has happened to you, but it seemed that the company was sinking without me and on my return they threw all the life jackets to me to get it afloat. Wearing one is not a bad thing, but when they become twenty or a hundred, in the end your body can not handle them. I would also suggest you to learn some stress management techniques.

Top 8 Tips for Getting Back to Work After Vacation

But… wouldn’t it be great to end your first day back at work and think it was a great day?

Well yes, it is possible. And if you don’t believe it, I’m going to give you a series of tips that will ensure success in your arduous task of surviving the first day of work after a well-deserved vacation.

I already warn you that they are not complicated at all and that you should not get carried away by the simplicity of some. They really work and will make it easier for you to get back into the routine. Lets talk about 8 tips for getting back to work after vacation. But you should also learn some productivity tips.

Getting Back to Work After Vacation

1. Establish your MIT

You may be thinking that I just told you that these are very simple tips and I already start the first one with weird things. Do not be scared, as we tend to use abbreviations and acronyms for everything, especially if they are in English, here you have one.

MIT is an acronym for “Most Important Task”, which in Spanish has been “The Most Important Task”.

As I always say, the key to your productivity comes down to simply understanding what is most important to you. In addition to identifying which activity will provide you with the greatest boost to complete it.

Identifying this task is especially useful when you return to work after a long break: emails to review, stagnant problems that need your intervention, project follow-up, and much more. that can easily overwhelm you.

You could be working on these or other activities but there will only be one of them that will be more important than the rest. If you are able to establish it, I assure you that you will be using your time in the best possible way.

Focus on your MIT. Work hard to eliminate it, then move on to the next one. This technique works well even if you are studying abroad.

2. Clean your inbox

Why do you always receive more emails when you are on vacation than when you are at work? Have you not wondered how it is possible?

You don’t know where to start. Since the last? From the first and forward in time? “This is going to make me lose all morning,” you think and you start to overwhelm yourself. From the first hour you are stressed and not knowing which way to go.

Error! Because before reaching your inbox, you will have already successfully completed your MIT, remember? Email is a mere formality.

We get into the garlic. The first thing you should do is create a folder of “old emails” or the best name you can think of. It is your free choice. And move all you have there.

Ready! Inbox clean as a whistle.

In the folder that you have created is your insurance policy or a very large garbage drawer, I also leave that to you to decide, in which to dip into if necessary.

Once you are clear that your next task is to get fully involved with emails, I recommend:

  1. Respond or act with those that take you less than five minutes. Do it and don’t miss it.
  2. If with any of them, you can transfer or delegate them, forward them to the person to whom it corresponds. I advise you to do it with a brief summary of the topic it is about and what you expect the other person to do. More than anything to streamline and give everything well chewed to the one who picks up the message.
  3. Move the email to a specific to-do folder or create a reminder if you find that you have to defer your action with it.
  4. Delete it if you don’t need it.

Finally, I will tell you that this task can take you almost eight hours of your day (it depends on the number of emails you have), so try to dedicate a finite time to it, even if you don’t finish with it. Remember that the emails will not be moved and that they are in your “old emails” folder.

3. Follow an established plan

So far I have focused on the two points that I consider key. And that make us lose the north the first day after the return. But this one does not believe that it is left behind either. This is one of the best tips for getting back to work after vacation.

Either in your favorite tasks app, on your agenda or calendar, or simply on a piece of paper. Either way, create a list of things to do this day beforehand and stick to it.

The main advantage that when you do not know what to do or where to go, or are struggling to focus, will get you out of trouble. It’s a great way to stay on track and achieve your goals for the day.

If, by some chance, you can delay any of the tasks for another day that you are more at work, do it!

4. Get to the office early

Being the first to arrive was always one of my routines. Everything is calmer and it usually takes longer for your colleagues or staff to realize that you are there. So you have time to focus on your tasks.

In this case, entering your work earlier will allow you to catch up on everything that has happened in your absence.

Not to mention that you will be much calmer. Your colleagues have not yet arrived or started to ask you about how your vacation was or if you have already found out about something that happened.

It means buying time for yourself and lowering your stress level on the first day.

5. Avoid meetings at all costs with one exception

You are going to have a lot of work to find out about everything that happened while you were away. Not to mention the pile of emails that you will have unanswered. So scheduling meetings or attending will only create unnecessary stress for you.

It will be of little use to attend a meeting without minimal preparation on the subject. If you want to contribute in a meaningful way, postpone it or renegotiate it.

Having said that, let’s go with the exception. To find out what happened in your absence, you will have to meet with your team or with your boss if you have one. They will catch you up to date and your boss will make it clear to you what he expects of you when you return.

In addition, I recommend that you schedule before leaving the appointment with your boss. And if you have a good relationship with him, you can ask him to send you an email a day or two before you return with a summary of what happened and the key points you should do. This way you will have a script to follow and you will be aware of what happened during your days off.

6. Say “NO” to distractions

It seems like a trivial point but it is important that you keep it in mind. Dispersing on the first day of work is very common. Especially since the inertia of the vacation routine is still followed.

Obviously, it should be remembered that short breaks to disconnect are always allowed, as I already mentioned in the post about the Pomodoro Technique.

But whenever you can, avoid the big distractions: long lunches or coffee breaks, mobile notifications, long chats with your colleagues about the holidays, etc. This way, staying focused and less overwhelmed will be easier.

7. Go out on your time and schedule something fun

You will always have things to do at your job and you will always be able to do more than you do. But successful people don’t spend their hours trying to cross off the more items on their to-do list, the better.

Focus, instead of this, in your priorities and schedule time for it. Going home or doing your favorite activity should be non-negotiable.

And if you have planned something with your friends or family or partner for after work, it will serve as motivation to continue forward in the day. Even if you are not very happy to get back into the routine, you can survive it with the fact that something exciting will happen in just a few hours.

8. Take it easy

Because it is the last point, it is not the least important. If you have followed the steps above, you will have completed the day successfully. Learn some conversation starters for a good conversation.

Of course, try to refrain from taking on new tasks or projects on your first day of return. There will be time for that for the rest of the year.

Going back is difficult. Your memories of your vacations will disappear or you can keep them as a treasure until you can enjoy them again.

What are your biggest difficulties when it comes to getting back to work after vacation? Do you overcome the first day in a positive way or does it feel like a dagger in the chest to return to the routine? Do you know of any more tactics for getting back to work after vacation? write answer of this questions.

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