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Does a Computer Science Degree Guarantee a Job

Over the past few years, careers in the Computer Science field have been getting extremely popular. If anyone asks, does a Computer Science degree guarantee a job? The answer is simple. Absolutely, a Computer Science degree guarantee a job. You can do lucrative jobs with Computer Science degree.

No doubt, this field has numerous opportunities for passionate and skilled individuals. It has become a trending career sector for most people.

That being said, check out this list below for information about the best careers in the Computer field and the salary range.

Does a Computer Science Degree Guarantee a Job

1. Data Scientist

Average Salary: $93000 – $118000

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Computer science field, master’s degree, or Ph.D. Additionally, online training in Big Data or Hadoop querying is preferred.

The job of a data scientist is considered one of the best careers in the computer field. A data scientist is a computer programmer and a statistician. The key roles of a Data Scientist include gathering and analyzing data using various algorithms and statistical tools.  

A data scientist can be a mathematician, statistician, computer programmer, and analyst.

In simple terms, a data scientist is an expert with the technical skills to analyze and interpret data.

Data scientists analyze the current technology needs of the company and place data systems into work. They are involved in the company’s hardware, software, and network.

The need for data scientists is increasing highly. Companies demand data scientists to collect and analyze their data effectively.

2. Computer Programmer

Average Salary: $52000 – $132530

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer science. Proficiency in multiple programming languages.

This is the top best career in the computer field. As a computer programmer, one is required to write code and develop software. Computer programmers have excellent knowledge about specific or multiple programming languages. They take information from software developers and engineers and convert them into computer programs using their coding skills.

To land a computer programmer job, you must enhance your coding skills by practicing. Having excellent debugging skills is also required. Good command of a specific programming language can benefit a computer programmer’s job. Computer programmers are also required to test existing programs and correct errors.

Excellent programming skills allow you to work as a freelancer or in an MNC. This is the reason computer programming careers are booming highly.

3. Full stack developer

Average Salary: $47000 – $114000

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Computer science, knowledge of server-side programming languages, DBMS technology, and various frameworks.

The demand for full-stack developers is exceptionally high.

A full stack developer knows both front-end and back-end technologies. Full stack developers develop both client and server software. Companies are demanding professionals who have proper command over both these technologies.

Front-end development includes programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, etc. Back-end development includes programming in PHP, ASP, Java, Python, etc.

A full-stack programmer knows how to program a browser, a server, and a database. They should have the functional knowledge and capabilities required to build an application. Proper knowledge of various frameworks and designing abilities are also required.

4. Database administrator

Average Salary: $50,340 – $138,320

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Computer science or master’s degree, or associate degree with certificate. Knowledge of database queries, operating systems, database theory, database design, and query languages like SQL and RDBMS.

All companies require database administrators (DBA) to manage the organization’s data. The core responsibilities of database administrators are to ensure that the databases run efficiently and protect them from unauthorized users. They must maintain and organize the company’s data and store them efficiently.

DBAs have excellent knowledge of database languages like Structured Query Language (SQL). DBAs must also be familiar with the programming languages used by their company or employer.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer

Average Salary: $66,870 – $172,000

Educational requirements: At least a bachelor’s degree in Computer science field or computer engineering or electrical engineering. A Master’s degree in engineering or business administration (MBA) is beneficial.

Computer Hardware engineers design, develop and test computer components like circuit boards, routers, and memory devices. They have a combination of technology and creativity skills.

Computer hardware engineers develop the components and ensure that they are functioning correctly. They perform several tests for all the components developed and keep themselves updated with the current technology trends. The hardware developed should meet current demands and be capable of accommodating the latest programs and applications.

Computer hardware engineers must also design and develop non-computer equipment that employs processors and other components such as medical devices and vehicle parts. They have to develop hardware that is compatible with software programs.

The demand for computer hardware engineers is enormous.

Why Study Computer Science?

Careers in the computer science field include jobs in programming, designing, development, security, database, etc. Almost every company requires professionals with computer skills. However, the computer science field is growing fast, and to sustain in this field, you must put continuous effort into your work. 

If you are one of those who loves coding, problem-solving, and critical thinking, then don’t think much. Just dive into this field. There are a lot of hot jobs in this field, and the number is still increasing every year.

The best part about a career in the computer science field is that there is a job for both degree holders and non-degree holders (certified professionals). For degree holders, the pay and job opportunities are somewhat higher. But for non-degree holders or certified professionals who have excellent skills in a specific area, this field can earn you a great living.

Secondly, this field allows you to work independently anytime and anywhere. You can work as a freelancer or take a job in an MNC or establish your start-up.

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That’s all about the top best careers in the Computer Science field. A career in any of the above fields can be a great choice. But not to forget the current competition rate, a career in the computer field requires constant practice. The more skills and experience you gain in your field, the more you earn.

To sum up, a career in the computer field requires learning, practicing, and improving your skills to match up with the current technology demands. With experience and constant practice, you can land a great career in the computer field.

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