In this article, you will know everything about 10 best conversation starters for students. This article is very important for every student. It is very true that not all people are good at initiating conversations, either because they are shy or because they simply do not know how to initiate them and therefore often prefer to remain silent and go unnoticed in a meeting or social event. Clearly this is a behavior to avoid if you are in the process of cultivating a strong Personal Brand.

This is why as a Personal Brand Consultant it seems important to highlight some techniques or activities that can help you easily start a conversation.

Day by day we meet new people in our lives with whom we would like or would like to have an excellent first impression , as it can be a good contact for a business, a future client, friend or why not a future partner (for singles obviously).

Best Conversation Starters for Students

Top 10 Conversation Starters for Students

But many times we waste the small chat rooms on little transcendental topics or that little or nothing reflect our personality or tastes. That is why it is necessary to transform those short chat rooms into an intelligent conversation, which helps us create a better image and personal brand of ourselves in the mind of our interlocutor. Here are the 10 best conversation starters for students.

1. If you are in a group of people, try to pay close attention to the topic they are talking about and search among your memories and memories for situations that you have lived, with this you can give a personal opinion based on your experience which makes your comment much more relevant and it can place you in the minds of others as a point of reference and expertise on the subject.

2. Another technique to participate is to search in the memories for news or studies that you have read related to the topic that is being discussed, this will give you the option to participate in the conversation with a wise comment, creating an image of knowledge before other people.

But to achieve this type of comment, it is necessary to regularly read news and not only politics but also articles related to the industry in which one works, science and innovation issues. Although it is often difficult to get this type of content, I recommend you follow opinion leaders on these topics on social networks.

3. If you are shy and feel ashamed to talk to people you do not know, it is best to pretend that you are talking to an old friend, so you will enter your comfort zone making ideas flow easily.

4. Many times we do not approach new people because we are forewarned (… obviously with so many strange things that are seen in the news), but if your goal is to create relationships it is important to get that prejudice out of your head and begin to assume that They are good by nature, that is, assume that they are good and that they can be your friends. This does not mean giving them all your personal information, bank account and passwords, but being open to meeting new people and debugging who suits you or not along the way.

5. Look for conversation starters of common interest other than weather or politics. That is, if you go to an event related to a specific topic, for example #Personalbranding, spend half an hour before the event looking for an article or news related to the topic of #Personalbranding, so you will always have a new comment at hand.

6. To create a closer bond with the interlocutor you can give compliments to their comments (compliments are always well received), using phrases such as; “Very good project, the one that they are advancing …” or “I had never met someone who did …” and for a greater personal connection, try to connect it with a previous experience of yours by complementing the phrase with something like “Just like when in our company we had a client similar to the one you are telling me… ”.

7. Ask open-ended, non-multiple-choice questions, this gives the interlocutor more options to answer and show their point of view. For example, at a business dinner instead of saying “Was the food delicious?” it’s better to say “How did you find the food?” With this you are giving the option to the other person who can describe not only the food itself but also their personal experience during dinner.

8. Ask for stories and not for answers, opening the answer option opens the option to a more personal conversation. Some examples are:

Instead of “What’s your name? it is better to use phrases like “What does your name mean?”

Instead of “Who are you? What do you do?” it is better to use phrases like “Tell me what your personal story is”

Instead of “Where are you from? it is better to use phrases like “What is the most curious thing about the place where you grew up?

Instead of “How was work today? it is better to use phrases like “What is the most interesting thing that happened to you at work today?”

9. Another idea is to ask questions that let your imagination fly, so you can better understand the motivations and dreams of the other person. In this case, you could use phrases such as “If you could teleport yourself, where would you like to be at this moment” or “If you had enough resources in your bank account not to worry for a couple of years, what would you like to be doing?”

10. On the other hand, if they ask you a question to which you want to avoid deeper answers but you do not want to answer with a simple “Good” or “Bad”, you can answer and repeat the same phrase with which they asked you, so it will seem that you are giving an answer long being that you only added the diminutive good or bad.

For instance. How was the food? In this case, to make the answer sound longer, you can answer “I think the food was good”, you only said it was good but to the ears of others it sounded longer and more interesting.

By following these 10 best conversation starters for students, you will feel more secure when intervening in a conversation, creating an image of security and knowledge in the minds of other people. Because the image is not only fashion, it is also necessary to create an image of pilo through the conversations that we establish with others.

By applying these 10 best conversation starters for students in your day-to-day chat rooms you can appear more interesting and create a more impressive personal brand in the minds of other people.

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