Below are five of Singapore’s most affordable MBA programs that will provide you with an excellent return on investment and career prospects. In this article you will know everything about 5 cheapest MBA in Singapore.

With sky-high tuitions, aspiring MBAs in Singapore have been forced to look for more affordable options. There are still a few cost-wise institutions that offer quality education and employable skillsets. There are some cheapest country for MBA.

Why Study MBA in Singapore?

MBA is short for Master of Business Administration. It is a post-graduate degree that prepares students to run businesses of any size in the real world.

It trains them with various business skills and job-relevant expertise in finance, marketing, human resources, information technology and operations management.

MBA programs are classified into two: part-time ones and full-time ones. The former usually requires students to study at their own pace from their homes until they finish their studies after around two years.

With over 500 universities competing fiercely with one another to attract the best talent, there are still a few cost-wise institutions that offer quality education and employable skillsets. MBA in entrepreneurship is also good here.

Top 5 Cheapest MBA Programs in Singapore

Many universities also offer MBA scholarships in Singapore. Applying for admission to an MBA program is a difficult process, and most top business schools have strict admissions deadlines. If you are interested in the above programs, you can apply for the upcoming application period from July to mid-August this year. You can also learn about MBA essay format.

Regardless of your chosen career path, having technical knowledge of technology and good business skills is important. Below are five of Singapore’s most affordable MBA programs that will provide you with an excellent return on investment and career prospects. In this article we have provided cheapest MBA programs in Singapore.

Cheapest MBA Programs in Singapore

1. Nanyang Technological University

This program is jointly developed by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Yale University’s School of Management (SOM). Students will take classes on-site at NTU and have the option to study at Yale for up to two semesters.

The curriculum covers practical business and management foundations and advanced management skills such as entrepreneurship, leadership, organizational behaviour, strategy, marketing, finance and corporate social responsibility. Professors from both schools teach the program with experience in industry management positions. The tuition fees (for both NTU and Yale) are S$100,000.

Why Study in Nanyang Technological University

1. Option to study at Yale University for up to two semesters

2. Flexible and customizable curriculum with a variety of electives

3. Practical and theoretical foundation by renowned professors from both NTU and Yale University

2. NUS Business School

NUS Business School offers the Master of Management program to students with a bachelor’s degree in any field of study and prior work experience. All admitted students must complete the NUS Preparatory Course, which includes four mandatory courses, before enrolling for their MSc in Management program.

The program promotes a pragmatic and critical thinking approach to Management through its course offerings, including business analytics and data science and sustainable Management. Tuition fees (for both NUS and NUS Business School) are S$69,000.

Why Study in NUS Business School

1. Fast-track program with a specialized focus

2. Accelerative program – allows students to get on with their careers immediately after their graduation

3. Flexible and customizable curriculum

3. EBS Business School

The EBS Master of Management program is suitable for professionals with more than 10 years of work experience who want to focus on managing a business rather than being employed in a specific industry.

It offers an interdisciplinary foundation for future leadership positions in various industries, from consumer goods and service industries to energy and trade, business services and financial services. The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the program among the top 3 MBA programs in Singapore last year. The tuition fees (for EBS and EBS Business School) are S$81,000.

Why Study in EBS Business School

1. Adaptable and customizable curriculum

2. Flexible timing

4. Singapore Management University

In 1994, Singapore Management University had a long-standing reputation for being one of the world’s leading management schools. The program is taught by SMU faculty members and renowned professors from Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

The accredited and recognized MSc program in Management contains an innovative learning experience emphasizing professional competence and major areas such as operations, marketing and finance. Each course is taught by the school’s renowned faculty members who have experience in international consulting firms, public companies, banks and NGOs. The tuition fees of the program are S$52,000.

The Singapore Management University (SMU) provides an executive MBA program for business professionals who have prior work experience, at least four years of post-graduate education and professional certifications relevant to their field of interest. The curriculum is designed to support managers by providing them with comprehensive skills in leadership, organization, communications, negotiation and decision-making.

Why Study in Singapore Management University

1. Unique industry-focused curriculum that equips students with the skills they need for their career advancement

2. Strong emphasis on executive education and professional certifications

3. A diverse student population from around the world, with a global median age of 36

5. ESSEC Business School

ESSEC has spent more than a century creating a cutting-edge educational curriculum that places the individual at the center of its teaching and learning paradigm while fostering the principles of freedom, openness, innovation, and responsibility. Some of the goals ESSEC has set for itself include preparing future managers to balance individual interests with group responsibilities, taking into account the common good in their decision-making, and assessing economic problems against the social costs.

Why You Should Study Cheapest MBA Programs in Singapore

All the programs listed above are offered by the highly reputable school and have received high rankings from various international business schools. Parents/students who wish to pursue an MBA will no doubt be faced with a difficult decision regarding which program course to pursue.

While the tuition fees are not cheap, a closer look at what students receive should make more sense when considering the cost. For example, students will learn from some of the world’s best faculty members in terms of teaching while becoming recognized as an alumnus of a top-tier university. Accredited all programs listed above, and all graduates are eligible for a skilled worker pass, letting them be employed in Singapore companies immediately after graduation.

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