In this article, you will know everything about cheapest American universities. This article is very important for students who wants to study in cheapest American universities.

The university offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as business, engineering, education, and the arts and humanities, and it has a strong focus on research and community engagement.

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Top 5 Cheapest American Universities

In this article, we will take a look at some of the cheapest universities in the United States and what they have to offer in terms of academics and student life. 5 cheapest American universities in the country is listed below.

Cheapest American Universities

The university offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as business, engineering, education, and the arts and humanities, and it has a strong focus on research and innovation.

1. University of Puerto Rico

The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, which has a tuition and fees cost of just $1,400 per year for in-state students. Located in the capital city of San Juan, the University of Puerto Rico is a public research university that was founded in 1903.

It is the largest and oldest institution of higher education in Puerto Rico, and it has a diverse student body of more than 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students. This is the top cheapest American universities.

2. University of Texas

Another affordable option is the University of Texas which has a tuition and fees cost of just $5,100 per year for in-state students. Located in Edinburg, Texas, the University of Texas-Pan American is a public research university that was founded in 1927. It is one of the 14 institutions that make up the University of Texas System, and it has a student body of more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students. This is one of the top cheapest American universities.

3. University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina is another affordable option for students, with a tuition and fees cost of just $6,000 per year for in-state students. Located in Pembroke, North Carolina, the University of North Carolina-Pembroke is a public liberal arts university that was founded in 1887.

It has a student body of more than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and it offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as business, education, nursing, and the arts and humanities.

4. University of South Dakota

The University of South Dakota is another affordable option for students, with a tuition and fees cost of just $8,000 per year for in-state students. Located in Vermillion, South Dakota, the University of South Dakota is a public research university that was founded in 1862.

It has a student body of more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and it offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as business, education, nursing, and the arts and humanities. The university has a strong focus on research and innovation, and it has a number of partnerships with businesses and organizations in the region.

5. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is another affordable option for students, with a tuition and fees cost of just $8,500 per year for in-state students. Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith is a public liberal arts university that was founded in 1928. This is one of the popular cheapest American universities.

It has a student body of more than 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and it offers a wide range of academic programs in fields such as business, education, nursing, and the arts and humanities.

Cheapest American Universities for Students

These universities has a strong focus on undergraduate education and has a reputation for providing students with a personalized and supportive learning environment. In conclusion, there are a number of cheapest American universities.

RankGlobal RankInstitutionCountrySector
113Massachusetts Institute of Technology *USAUniversities
214Carnegie Mellon University *USAUniversities
315Stanford University *USAUniversities
420University of California, Berkeley *USAUniversities
534Georgia Institute of Technology *USAUniversities
643University of Washington *USAUniversities
746University of Michigan, Ann Arbor *USAUniversities
855University of Southern California *USAUniversities
956University of California, San Diego *USAUniversities
1057Cornell University *USAUniversities
1159University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign *USAUniversities
1261Harvard University *USAUniversities
1370University of Texas, AustinUSAUniversities
1480Princeton UniversityUSAUniversities
1585Columbia University *USAUniversities
1690New York University *USAUniversities
1792Johns Hopkins University *USAUniversities
1893University of California, Los Angeles *USAUniversities
19101Purdue UniversityUSAUniversities
20109Arizona State UniversityUSAUniversities
21112Pennsylvania State University *USAUniversities
22120Toyota Technological Institute at ChicagoUSAUniversities
23128Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUSAUniversities
24129University of Wisconsin, Madison *USAUniversities
25133University of Maryland, BaltimoreUSAUniversities
26141Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyUSAUniversities
27142University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill *USAUniversities
27142Ohio State University, Columbus *USAUniversities
28144University of Pennsylvania *USAUniversities
29148Duke University *USAUniversities
30154Northeastern University, USAUSAUniversities
31155University of California, Irvine *USAUniversities
32167University of Minnesota, Twin Cities *USAUniversities
33168University of California, Santa BarbaraUSAUniversities
34173Texas A&M University, College Station *USAUniversities
35174Michigan State UniversityUSAUniversities
36176University of Maryland, College Park *USAUniversities
37179University of Massachusetts, AmherstUSAUniversities
38181California Institute of Technology *USAUniversities
39192Northwestern University, Evanston *USAUniversities
39192University of Florida *USAUniversities
40198University of California, Davis *USAUniversities
41203University of Chicago *USAUniversities
42204Boston University *USAUniversities
43206University of Pittsburgh *USAUniversities
43206Brown UniversityUSAUniversities
44218North Carolina State UniversityUSAUniversities
44218University of California, RiversideUSAUniversities
45220Harvard Medical SchoolUSAUniversities
46222Yale University *USAUniversities
47231University of Central FloridaUSAUniversities
48235Rice UniversityUSAUniversities
49241State University of New York, Stony Brook *USAUniversities
50251University of California, MercedUSAUniversities
51256University of Pittsburgh Health SciencesUSAUniversities
52258University of Texas, DallasUSAUniversities
53260State University of New York, BuffaloUSAUniversities
54262University of Texas, San AntonioUSAUniversities
55278University of Rochester *USAUniversities
56286University of Utah *USAUniversities
56286University of Illinois, Chicago *USAUniversities
57287Weill Cornell MedicineUSAUniversities
58290College of William and MaryUSAUniversities
58290University of Notre DameUSAUniversities
59295University of Arizona *USAUniversities
60299University of Virginia *USAUniversities
61301Temple University *USAUniversities
62309State University of New York at BinghamtonUSAUniversities
63312Dartmouth College *USAUniversities
63312New Jersey Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversities
64313University of HoustonUSAUniversities
65316University of California, Santa CruzUSAUniversities
66319Indiana University-BloomingtonUSAUniversities
67325University of Colorado, Boulder *USAUniversities
68328Vanderbilt University *USAUniversities
69329George Mason UniversityUSAUniversities
70331Oregon State UniversityUSAUniversities
70331Iowa State UniversityUSAUniversities
71332University of DelawareUSAUniversities
72334Washington University in Saint Louis *USAUniversities
73355Washington State University, Pullman *USAUniversities
74364University of Tennessee, Knoxville *USAUniversities
74364University of Connecticut, Storrs *USAUniversities
75365University of South Florida System *USAUniversities
76366University of South FloridaUSAUniversities
77369University of California, San Francisco *USAUniversities
78373Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUSAUniversities
79380University of North Carolina, CharlotteUSAUniversities
80383Case Western Reserve UniversityUSAUniversities
81385Florida International UniversityUSAUniversities
82387Emory University *USAUniversities
83389Auburn UniversityUSAUniversities
84393Lehigh UniversityUSAUniversities
85397George Washington University *USAUniversities
86400Illinois Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversities
87402Wayne State UniversityUSAUniversities
88403Clemson UniversityUSAUniversities
89404University of Rhode IslandUSAUniversities
90410University of Kentucky *USAUniversities
91413Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiUSAUniversities
92414West Virginia University *USAUniversities
93416University of Iowa *USAUniversities
94421University of Missouri, Columbia *USAUniversities
94421Georgetown University *USAUniversities
95426Baylor College of MedicineUSAUniversities
95426University of Massachusetts, LowellUSAUniversities
95426Florida Atlantic UniversityUSAUniversities
96429University of Kansas *USAUniversities
96429University of Nebraska, LincolnUSAUniversities
97435Rochester Institute of Technology *USAUniversities
98436University of Texas, ArlingtonUSAUniversities
99440University of IdahoUSAUniversities
100444Syracuse UniversityUSAUniversities
101447University of South Carolina *USAUniversities
102450State University of New York, AlbanyUSAUniversities
103451Drexel UniversityUSAUniversities
104452Virginia Commonwealth University *USAUniversities
105454Brandeis UniversityUSAUniversities
105454University of Missouri, Saint LouisUSAUniversities
106458Louisiana State University, Baton RougeUSAUniversities
107459Stevens Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversities
108463City University of New York *USAUniversities
109472University of Missouri, Kansas CityUSAUniversities
110477University of VermontUSAUniversities
111479Florida State University *USAUniversities
112481City University of New York, City CollegeUSAUniversities
112481Missouri University of Science & TechnologyUSAUniversities
113492University of New Mexico *USAUniversities
113492Texas Tech UniversityUSAUniversities
114496Georgia State UniversityUSAUniversities
114496University of Massachusetts, BostonUSAUniversities
115497University of San FranciscoUSAUniversities
116498San Diego State UniversityUSAUniversities
117499Worcester Polytechnic InstituteUSAUniversities
118500State University of New York, New PaltzUSAUniversities
119501Pace UniversityUSAUniversities
120502Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisUSAUniversities
121503University of Cincinnati *USAUniversities
122505University of Alabama, HuntsvilleUSAUniversities
123508Northern Arizona UniversityUSAUniversities
123508University of OregonUSAUniversities
124509University of GeorgiaUSAUniversities
124509Colorado State University, Fort Collins *USAUniversities
125511Old Dominion UniversityUSAUniversities
126512University of Minnesota Health and MedicineUSAUniversities
126512Portland State UniversityUSAUniversities
126512University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyUSAUniversities
127513University of DenverUSAUniversities
128514Brigham Young UniversityUSAUniversities
129515Utah State University *USAUniversities
130521University of Alabama, TuscaloosaUSAUniversities
131523Tufts UniversityUSAUniversities
132530University of Michigan, DearbornUSAUniversities
132530University of Nevada-RenoUSAUniversities
133534University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterUSAUniversities
134538University of DaytonUSAUniversities
135540Southern Methodist UniversityUSAUniversities
136545Western Michigan UniversityUSAUniversities
136545University of North TexasUSAUniversities
136545University of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioUSAUniversities
137546University of Nebraska Medical CenterUSAUniversities
137546USF HealthUSAUniversities
137546Colorado School of MinesUSAUniversities
138547University of Miami *USAUniversities
139553Wake Forest University *USAUniversities
139553University of Oklahoma *USAUniversities
140555University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolUSAUniversities
141556University of Colorado, Colorado SpringsUSAUniversities
141556University of Colorado, Denver *USAUniversities
142557Mississippi State UniversityUSAUniversities
143559University of Texas, Health Science Center at HoustonUSAUniversities
144560Tennessee State UniversityUSAUniversities
145562Villanova UniversityUSAUniversities
146564Medical College of WisconsinUSAUniversities
147565University of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeUSAUniversities
148566University of South DakotaUSAUniversities
149567Santa Clara UniversityUSAUniversities
149567Oregon Health & Science University *USAUniversities
150568University of Louisiana, LafayetteUSAUniversities
151570City University of New York Graduate CenterUSAUniversities
151570University of Louisville *USAUniversities
152571Michigan Technological UniversityUSAUniversities
152571University of Alabama, Birmingham *USAUniversities
153576University of North Carolina, GreensboroUSAUniversities
154577Fordham UniversityUSAUniversities
154577Marquette UniversityUSAUniversities
155582Ohio UniversityUSAUniversities
156583University of Hawaii, Manoa *USAUniversities
157586Towson UniversityUSAUniversities
158588Tennessee Technological UniversityUSAUniversities
158588New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology *USAUniversities
158588Oklahoma State University, StillwaterUSAUniversities
159590Wright State UniversityUSAUniversities
160591University of Nevada-Las VegasUSAUniversities
161594University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical CampusUSAUniversities
161594University of Arkansas, FayettevilleUSAUniversities
162598University of North DakotaUSAUniversities
163600Clarkson UniversityUSAUniversities
163600Tulane University *USAUniversities
164602University of AkronUSAUniversities
165608Kansas State UniversityUSAUniversities
166610Saint Louis University, Saint Louis *USAUniversities
166610University of MemphisUSAUniversities
167611Rush University *USAUniversities
168618University of Massachusetts, DartmouthUSAUniversities
169619San Jose State UniversityUSAUniversities
170621Southern Illinois University, Carbondale *USAUniversities
171625University of WyomingUSAUniversities
172627Texas A&M University, Corpus ChristiUSAUniversities
173630Wichita State UniversityUSAUniversities
174634Howard University *USAUniversities
175641Texas State University, San MarcosUSAUniversities
176643Florida Polytechnic UniversityUSAUniversities
177644New Mexico State UniversityUSAUniversities
178647South Dakota State UniversityUSAUniversities
178647University of Central ArkansasUSAUniversities
179648United States Naval AcademyUSAUniversities
180650University of Texas, El PasoUSAUniversities
181651University of Mississippi *USAUniversities
181651Marshall UniversityUSAUniversities
181651American UniversityUSAUniversities
181651Oakland UniversityUSAUniversities
182653The Catholic University of AmericaUSAUniversities
182653University of New OrleansUSAUniversities
183654Georgia Southern UniversityUSAUniversities
184656Louisiana Tech UniversityUSAUniversities
185657University of Toledo *USAUniversities
185657California State University, FullertonUSAUniversities
186658Kent State UniversityUSAUniversities
187661Kennesaw State UniversityUSAUniversities
187661North Dakota State UniversityUSAUniversities
188663University of New HavenUSAUniversities
188663North Carolina A&T State UniversityUSAUniversities
188663University of Tennessee, ChattanoogaUSAUniversities
189666Baylor UniversityUSAUniversities
190667Boston CollegeUSAUniversities
190667Illinois State UniversityUSAUniversities
191668University of North Carolina, WilmingtonUSAUniversities
192671Chapman UniversityUSAUniversities
192671Cleveland State UniversityUSAUniversities
192671Miami University of OhioUSAUniversities
193673Teachers College of Columbia UniversityUSAUniversities
194677University of South Alabama *USAUniversities
195678University of New HampshireUSAUniversities
196680University of Nebraska, OmahaUSAUniversities
197681Northern Illinois UniversityUSAUniversities
198686Loyola University of Chicago *USAUniversities
199688University of Minnesota, DuluthUSAUniversities
199688Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University *USAUniversities
199688Boise State UniversityUSAUniversities
200690Montana State University, BozemanUSAUniversities
201692Central Michigan UniversityUSAUniversities
201692California State University, FresnoUSAUniversities
202693DePaul UniversityUSAUniversities
203694Augusta University *USAUniversities
204696Naval Postgraduate SchoolUSAUniversities
204696California State University, Los AngelesUSAUniversities
205699Sam Houston State UniversityUSAUniversities
206700University of Southern MississippiUSAUniversities
206700Florida Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversities
207701New York Institute of Technology *USAUniversities
208706California State University, Long BeachUSAUniversities
209707San Francisco State UniversityUSAUniversities
210708University of Alaska, FairbanksUSAUniversities
211710University at Texas Rio Grande ValleyUSAUniversities
212715Clark UniversityUSAUniversities
213724University of St. ThomasUSAUniversities
213724Western Washington UniversityUSAUniversities
213724University of TulsaUSAUniversities
214735Manhattan CollegeUSAUniversities
215736Lamar UniversityUSAUniversities
215736Missouri State UniversityUSAUniversities
216737Idaho State UniversityUSAUniversities
217741Bucknell UniversityUSAUniversities
217741University of San DiegoUSAUniversities
218744City University of New York, College of Staten IslandUSAUniversities
218744University of Arkansas at Little RockUSAUniversities
219747Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleUSAUniversities
220750Claremont Graduate UniversityUSAUniversities
220750University of West FloridaUSAUniversities
221752Penn State Erie, The Behrend CollegeUSAUniversities
222753United States Military Academy at West PointUSAUniversities
223757Appalachian State UniversityUSAUniversities
224758California State University, NorthridgeUSAUniversities
225759California State Polytechnic University, PomonaUSAUniversities
226762Bradley UniversityUSAUniversities
227763Hofstra University *USAUniversities
228764Rowan UniversityUSAUniversities
228764State University of New York, College at OswegoUSAUniversities
228764Bentley UniversityUSAUniversities
229765California State University, SacramentoUSAUniversities
229765University of Houston, Clear LakeUSAUniversities
230766Montclair State UniversityUSAUniversities
231767East Carolina UniversityUSAUniversities
231767Florida Agricultural & Mechanical UniversityUSAUniversities
232769Northern Kentucky UniversityUSAUniversities
232769Indiana University – Purdue University at Fort WayneUSAUniversities
233771California Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoUSAUniversities
234772Baruch College, City University of New YorkUSAUniversities
235780James Madison UniversityUSAUniversities
236787Middle Tennessee State UniversityUSAUniversities
237790University of North FloridaUSAUniversities
238792Ball State UniversityUSAUniversities
238792Morgan State UniversityUSAUniversities
238792University of Maine, OronoUSAUniversities
239793Bowling Green State UniversityUSAUniversities
240795University of Wisconsin, WhitewaterUSAUniversities
241798Minnesota State University, MankatoUSAUniversities
242803Saint John’s UniversityUSAUniversities
243808Purdue University NorthwestUSAUniversities
244826Grand Valley State UniversityUSAUniversities
245831Utah Valley UniversityUSAUniversities


The cost of higher education in the United States has been a hot topic for many years, with the rising costs of tuition and fees making it difficult for many students to afford a college degree. We have listed 245 cheapest American universities.

However, there are still a number of universities that offer affordable options for students looking to get a quality education without breaking the bank.

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