In this article, you will know everything about the best interior design colleges in Canada. This article is very important for students who wants to study interior design in Canada.

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Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

Best Interior Design Colleges in Canada

It involves understanding how space is used, selecting appropriate colors, lighting, furniture, and materials, and creating a harmonious balance between function and beauty.

Why Study Interior Design in Canada

Interior designers may work on a wide range of projects, including residential and commercial spaces, public buildings, and even cruise ships. They must be knowledgeable about building codes, safety regulations, and environmental sustainability.

The goal of interior design is to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful, while meeting the needs of the people who use them.

Interior design is a multidisciplinary field that involves the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces. The field is a combination of art, science, and technology, and requires a combination of creativity, technical skills, and practical knowledge.

An interior designer works to understand a client’s needs and preferences, and then creates a design plan that maximizes the use of space, enhances the overall look and feel of the space, and incorporates any necessary building or safety codes.

Interior design study is the process of learning the principles and techniques of interior design, and developing the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful interior designer.

The study of interior design typically includes courses in design theory, color theory, space planning, drafting, and computer-aided design (CAD) software. Students also learn about different materials and finishes, furniture design, lighting, and textiles.

Interior design study can be pursued at various levels, including certificate programs, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees. Some programs also offer master’s degrees in interior design.

Best Interior Design Colleges in Canada

Interior design study can also be combined with other related fields, such as architecture or industrial design, to provide a more comprehensive education.

The demand for interior designers is expected to grow in the coming years, as people continue to value well-designed and functional indoor spaces. Here we have listed 58 best interior design colleges in Canada.

Interior design study can prepare individuals for a variety of career paths, including residential and commercial design, set design for film and television, and furniture design.

RankGlobal RankInstitutionCountrySectorBest Country Quartile
134University of TorontoCANUniversities1
272The University of British ColumbiaCANUniversities1
3138McGill UniversityCANUniversities1
4147University of AlbertaCANUniversities1
5214University of CalgaryCANUniversities1
6264University of WaterlooCANUniversities1
7311McMaster UniversityCANUniversities1
8313Universite de MontrealCANUniversities1
9328University of Western OntarioCANUniversities1
10331University of OttawaCANUniversities1
11417Universite du Quebec en Quebec *CANUniversities1
12419Simon Fraser UniversityCANUniversities1
13425Dalhousie UniversityCANUniversities1
13425University of ManitobaCANUniversities1
14427Laval UniversityCANUniversities1
15456Queen’s UniversityCANUniversities1
16479University of GuelphCANUniversities1
17480University of SaskatchewanCANUniversities1
18510University of VictoriaCANUniversities1
19517York UniversityCANUniversities1
20545Concordia UniversityCANUniversities1
21549Carleton UniversityCANUniversities1
22550Sherbrooke UniversityCANUniversities1
23566Memorial University of NewfoundlandCANUniversities1
24580Universite du Quebec en MontrealCANUniversities1
25594Ryerson UniversityCANUniversities1
26601Ecole de Technologie SuperieureCANUniversities1
27604Institut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueCANUniversities1
28612Ecole Polytechnique de MontrealCANUniversities1
29629University of New BrunswickCANUniversities2
30645University of WindsorCANUniversities2
31652University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyCANUniversities2
32664Lakehead UniversityCANUniversities2
33665Wilfrid Laurier UniversityCANUniversities2
34668Trent UniversityCANUniversities3
35669Brock UniversityCANUniversities2
36670University of Prince Edward IslandCANUniversities3
37681University of ReginaCANUniversities2
38684Bishops UniversityCANUniversities3
39686St. Francis Xavier UniversityCANUniversities3
40687Universite du Quebec en ChicoutimiCANUniversities3
41696Acadia UniversityCANUniversities3
41696University of LethbridgeCANUniversities3
42698Universite du Quebec en Trois-RivieresCANUniversities2
42698Universite du Quebec en RimouskiCANUniversities4
43700Universite du Quebec en Abitibi-TemiscamingueCANUniversities3
44702Northern Ontario School of MedicineCANUniversities3
44702Montreal School of Higher Commercial StudiesCANUniversities3
45704Mount Allison UniversityCANUniversities3
45704Brandon UniversityCANUniversities4
46705Cape Breton UniversityCANUniversities3
47707Royal Military College of CanadaCANUniversities3
48709University of MonctonCANUniversities3
49715Universite du Quebec en OutaouaisCANUniversities4
50717The University of WinnipegCANUniversities3
50717University of Northern British ColumbiaCANUniversities3
51719Athabasca UniversityCANUniversities3
52725Laurentian UniversityCANUniversities3
53729Saint Mary’s UniversityCANUniversities3
54734Thompson Rivers UniversityCANUniversities4
55738MacEwan UniversityCANUniversities4
56744Mount Royal CollegeCANUniversities4
57746Mount Saint Vincent UniversityCANUniversities4
58765Nipissing UniversityCANUniversities4

Whether one is interested in pursuing interior design as a career or simply wants to enhance their own personal design skills, interior design study can provide a foundation of knowledge and skills to achieve success.

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