Digital Marketing was a trendy field, but after the COVID Pandemic, it became the fastest growing field that attracted numerous jobless people. Digital Marketing created permanent jobs for people connected with laptops. Now every laptop and smartphone user is familiar with Digital Marketing and every second unemployed person wants to learn Digital Marketing online or through any training institute. In this article you will know everything about best countries to study digital marketing.

Learning the basics of Digital Marketing is easy, but if you want to become a professional Digital Marketer, you need to shake hands with an experienced person or institute. You don’t need to read loads of books to learn Digital Marketing. You can become a professional Digital Marketer through your laptop because every task integrated with Digital Marketing is performed through laptops.

3 Benefits of Studying Digital Marketing

Before revealing the best countries to study digital marketing names, you must first know why you should step inside this Digital Marketing field?

Billion Dollar Field

Digital Marketing is a field that has attracted billions of dollars of investments from different companies. Every company that advertises its product or service uses Digital Marketing because it’s a quick marketing asset requiring low investment and huge profit.

Let’s say I run a jewelry shop, and I want to sell a pricey necklace. I use Facebook or Google Adwords to advertise that necklace. I can earn a considerable profit if I get 1 sale after investing $100 on advertisements. So the first reason to enter this field is its value. People who provide Digital Marketing services earn billions of dollars from companies investing in this field. However, the scope is also increasing.

Investors were used to advertising their products through Digital Marketing, but now, every service is served online. Even plumber is also hired online. You can see a list of websites related to plumbing running different campaigns to attract clients. That’s the power of Digital Marketing. People from unexpected resources are using Digital Marketing to gain clients. So why are you missing this field?

You Are The Boss

When you have learned Digital Marketing, you can start your own business. You have learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while studying Digital Marketing. If you don’t have clients initially, you can’t sit back to regret it because you are self-dependent.

If you have learned SEO and gained expertise while studying, you can start your website and earn a decent amount of money. Let’s say you have a good knowledge of Body Building. If you have learned SEO and know how to rank a website, you can make your Bodybuilding website and spread your knowledge. When your website gets ranked, you can earn a considerable amount, and you are the boss yourself.

You don’t need clients when you are earning money through your website. If you can learn PPC (Pay Per Click) while studying Digital Marketing, you can promote your Bodybuilding website through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords. So you are entirely self-dependent, and you are the boss. You don’t need clients to earn. You can start your own business and make money directly through your website. That’s the 2nd reason you should jump into this field.

Remote Working Makes Your Life Easier

The 3rd benefit you earn while learning Digital Marketing is to work from home. Many tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are giving their employees the option to work from home. So if you have learned a good skill and you live in any country where these companies aren’t operating, you still have the chance to land a job in these companies.

Microsoft and Facebook hire endless Digital Marketers every year. If you have expertise in any fields that Microsoft and Facebook demand, you can land a job in these companies while sitting in your home. You can complete the given tasks while sitting in your home. So remote working has also made life easy for people from different countries. That’s the 3rd benefit you get when you have excellent expertise in Digital Marketing.

I have mentioned the 3 best benefits of learning Digital Marketing. Now it’s time to reveal the best countries where you can learn Digital Marketing to become a professional Digital Marketer. If you live in that country, it’s a surplus, but if you don’t, you can still learn Digital Marketing from the institute you selected. I’ll also explain the solution to this problem, so keep reading.

Best Countries to Study Digital Marketing

Now the average salary of a Digital Marketer in France is 33,900 EUR. This number is for entry-level Digital Marketers, but in France, professionals can earn 94,700 EUR per year. This 94,700 EUR is the highest number offered by companies based in France. To attain this score, you have to work hard like Elon Musk.

So here is the list of the countries whose students produced the best results in Digital Marketing campaigns.

Best Countries to Study Digital Marketing

1. The USA

The first and only way to become a successful Digital Marketer is to learn Digital Marketing in the USA. Big giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft were founded in the USA. The USA is the hub of successful Digital Marketing channels and has produced numerous Digital Marketers with expertise in every field.

The US is also the highest paying country in Digital Marketing. An expert Digital Marketer can easily earn a passive income through Digital Marketing. The US is packed with endless institutes teaching Digital Marketing. I’ll list the famous institutes you can visit for studying.

The first famous institute is Berkeley Global, based at the University of California, and the second is the University of Missouri. These 2 institutes are offering courses that are directly related to Digital Marketing. At Berkeley Global, you can apply for the “Digital Marketing Extension” program. At the University of Missouri, you can apply for “The Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing.”. Using and studying through these 2 programs will also give you a mighty degree, and you’ll be able to land an internship in California.

California is a city packed with several offices of big tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. You can apply for an internship. Suppose you succeed in finding an internship in the companies I mentioned. In that case, you can consider yourself lucky because working in these companies is the dream of every Software Engineer and Digital Marketer. Joining these companies as an internee can connect you with experienced Digital Marketers, and every person recommends learning from someone with good experience. The USA is one of the best countries to study digital marketing.

2. Canada

The 2nd country where studying Digital Marketing will make your worth is Canada. You get loads of influential institutes to learn Digital Marketing in Canada. Canada has a higher standard of academics, and they never compromise in facilitating students from every field. Canada is one of the leading best countries to study digital marketing.

Some institutes also offer these Digital Marketing courses, and entering this field through these universities is the best idea. Canada has an excellent reputation for providing a high-quality environment to students. So if you apply and get admission to any Canadian University, you can improve your Digital Marketing skills.

York University, located in Toronto, is the first university worth visiting and applying to. This university offers different courses related to Digital Marketing. You can be Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Web Based Copywriting, Consumer Researcher, SEM, and SEO Expert at York University. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best field worth learning. You can check out the program offered by York University named “Digital and Content Marketing, MSc.”. York University’s website team also mentions further details.

The 2nd university located in Canada and best for studying Digital Marketing is George Brown College. This university has achieved an excellent reputation among the students who studied Digital Marketing in this institute. Its program’s name is straightforward “Digital Marketing,” offering endless knowledge to become a successful Digital Marketer.

Now comes the turn of the scope for Canadian Digital Marketers. In Canada, entry-level Digital Marketers can easily earn up to $47,500 per year, and professionals earn $72,000 per year. So Canada offers enormous scope to entry-level and professional Digital Marketers. You must work hard to attain good grades and become a successful Digital Marketer to enjoy the rest of your life in peace.

3. France

France is the 3rd best country to study Digital Marketing because of its reputable institutes. France provides luxurious apartments and universities to students. Students love the studying environment supplied by France and the level of knowledge provided by institutes based in France. When we cover France, we get the 2 best institutes for learning Digital Marketing.

The first one is the Kedge Business School located in Marseille. It is the school for students thinking to improve their business skills. Parents who want their sons/daughters to be successful businessmen admit their kids to this institute. This university offers some robust programs to students thinking of jumping into business, and Digital Marketing is one of them.

In Digital Marketing, eCommerce has the most demand after the COVID Pandemic because everyone wants to order things online rather than visiting a shop. So if you’re going to learn eCommerce well, you can take admission to earn the best skills related to eCommerce. Its program name is “Digital Marketing and Sales, MSc.” Kedge Business School doesn’t provide access to students lacking results. You can only take admission when you can represent good grades.

Learning computer languages is part of Digital Marketing, but most institutes don’t offer this. Kedge Business School also provides this coding course to its students. If you want to be recognized as a professional Digital Marketer and Software Engineer, then Kedge Business
School should be your next land because they offer both things. You can get a good knowledge of Digital Marketing and Software Development at Kedge Business

4. India

After listing some European countries, I have decided to record one Asian country. If you live in Asia and learning Digital Marketing is your mission, then India should be on your radar because India has gained ongoing success in this field. You can believe this or not, but it’s true. India has some compelling achievements in the field of Digital Marketing that no one could ever imagine.

In 2021, India exported $143 billion of IT Software to different countries. Now this $143 billion isn’t a small number. Even big Asian Superpowers haven’t attracted this number in the IT Sector. India is the hub of Digital Marketers having endless institutes and trainers.

If you live on the European side, you should never think of India because its language is Hindi. Asian people can understand this language, but Europeans can’t. So don’t think about it when you don’t know about someone’s language. When we highlight some famous institutes in
India, we get ICFAI Business School teaching Digital Marketing at the top level.

This school teaches Digital Marketing, and working on an internship to gain more experience in Digital Marketing is very easy because India has many companies in Hyderabad. This school is located in Hyderabad, and Hyderabad is packed with many companies offering internships to freshers. So don’t look at any other country if you are an Asian. India should be the next land to learn everything related to Digital Marketing.

So these were the 4 best countries to study Digital Marketing, but I have one more thing to reveal. Suppose you don’t want to examine Digital Marketing through any institute. If you wish to learn Digital Marketing independently, YouTube is the best resource for this work. I’ll explain this right now.


So we have listed the 4 best countries for studying Digital Marketing. You have got 2 directions to follow.

If you want to become a successful Digital Marketer, keep your eyes on the institutes we mentioned. Still, if you want to learn everything independently, trainers are also mentioned. Follow them to know the best tips related to Digital Marketing. Till that, take care and happy learning!

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