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Every year in May, regular school graduates take the matriculation exam, and then face an important decision regarding the choice of the direction of study and the university in which they will implement it. This is certainly not an easy task: the future of young people is at stake. In order to make a reasonable and successful choice, you should be guided by certain prerequisites.

They will help us assess whether our chosen university offers the best level of education. Many people interpret learning as a continuation of childhood and a natural, next stage. This is not the right approach: unlike previous levels of education, the task of a higher education institution is to prepare us for work and adult life. Choosing a college is an important task.

5 Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a College

This means that it must meet very strict criteria. The choice of the direction of study should not be random – it is best that it meets our interests and individual qualities of the individual. This is a question that many people forget about. To choose a job that will give us pleasure, it is not enough to rely on the theoretical attractiveness of this profession. Our skills and talents, character and temperament are also important.

A shy and antisocial person will not be satisfied with a job that involves daily contact with other people. On the other hand, someone who is creative and has a low tolerance for boredom should not choose a profession that involves repetitiveness and routine. You should also pay attention to the market need for this profession – even a better chosen profession will not bring us anything if we can’t. to perform.

However, choosing the right course of study is not everything. Among the people who can boast of education of the same profile, there are many people who are better or worse prepared to perform this profession.

After all, among Polish universities you can find those that can boast an excellent level of education, as well as those that leave much to be desired in this regard. What should you pay special attention to? Here you will find 5 most important things to consider when choosing a college.

1. Staff

One of the most important factors affecting the educational level of a given institution is the teachers who work in it. Of course, professors and doctors of science can perfectly convey the knowledge that they own, but a significant emphasis on theory is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Much more important is the transfer of practical skills, so it is worth that among the teachers of our chosen university there are also people who have experience in this profession.

2. Building equipment

Another issue that affects the level of professional training offered by a given institution is its infrastructure. Before making a decision on applying for membership in a particular institution, it is best to organize a small tour and see with your own eyes how the classrooms are equipped, how large the collection of books offered in the university library and the reading room of the institution provides optimal conditions for learning. 

If you have chosen one of the new areas (for example, make-up or hairdressing), please note that in addition to the premises adapted for studying “classical” subjects, the school also has specialized professional workshops that are suitable for our future profession.. If you intend to live in a dorm, you should look around the room where you will sleep, spend your free time, and do your homework.

3. A training program that interests us

Since many educational institutions offer the same field of study, you should find out how the offered programs of study differ. Check out the list of subjects that will be taught, and also find out if you can count on a large number of practical classes, additional training, seminars or specialized scientific conferences. The possibility of further training in the chosen specialty is also essential: master’s degree, postgraduate study, postgraduate training, etc.

4. Cooperation with professionals

As mentioned above, the goal of higher education is not to continue the stage of life focused on education, but also to prepare us for work in our chosen profession. Unfortunately, the student years mentioned by many with great longing do not last forever, and after them often comes a difficult job search.

Cooperation with representatives of specific industries can contribute to this. If an educational institution advises them on their proposed program, you can be sure that we will gain skills that are valuable in the labor market, which will help us work in this profession.

5. Reviews and ratings

This is not about the dissenting opinion of a friend who attended this university a few years ago. When collecting information about your chosen institution, you should first take into account ratings (including foreign ones), which will tell us a lot about the level of education and the future fate of graduates of the chosen direction. You should also pay attention to possible accreditation, that is, the opinions of independent commissions intended for evaluation, or the institution performs its tasks well.

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